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Client Testimonials

"Sara will ask, “What’s going on with you, today?”  With your answer, she will begin to understand your needs.  You will begin your massage face down.  Sara will put her hands on your calfs.  The tension will drain from your body and you will relax and calm.  At that point, every massage will differ.   As she starts the massage, she will complete her understanding of what you need based on what your body tells her.  I have had more than 50 massages from Sara and none have been the same.  Sara uses her extensive training and intuition to maximize the benefit of each massage.  She will draw from massage, Thai massage, yoga,  aromatherapy and who know what else, to make it a complete experience for you.  Definitely see Sara."

-Edward C.

"I started going to Sara for massage while I was pregnant. Her massages were very good at relaxing my tense muscles from the pregnancy and I believe they also helped prepare my body for the birth. Not only did Sara relieve my aches and pains but she also was an incredible support for me throughout that time. She is a very empathetic and natural healer who is extremely good at what she does. She has a knack of knowing what your body needs and uses her strength along with her intuition to give you the best possible treatment necessary. My weekly massages with Sara were something I looked forward to and still do! I would definitely recommend Sara at Sundance Massage to anyone, she’s the best."

-Connie N.

"If you are looking for a gift that will provide peace and calm this season, this is it!"

-Lacey Wood, Domestic Goddess

"I am Michael Milling, Sr, and I am Purchasing Agent/Warehousing manager for a company that sells construction materials.  I initially sought the services of Sara as a massage therapist a number of years ago to help resolve issues I was having which caused extreme tension and pain from my hips through my neck and shoulders.  These aches and pains were caused both by heavy lifting, as well as many hours spent on a computer resolving inventories and purchasing materials.  From the very start, Sara proved to be a highly capable and proficient therapist.  She has always had the knack of finding the root causes of my ailments, and using the best of her many techniques to alleviate the issues.  She listens closely to my descriptions of my problems, and quickly develops a plan of treatment to target the areas needing attention.  Throughout the treatment she pays close attention to how my body responds, and easily adjusts treatment to maximize the benefit to me.  She also informs me of various types of exercises I can perform to reduce stress and strengthen the muscles as needed.  She has a wide range of skills and techniques, and is not shy about recommending any which may prove to be beneficial for my issues.  On top of that, she has become a close and trusted friend, so that when I arrange an appointment, it is more like a visit with a family member than a physical therapy session.  I always know I will leave in much better condition that when I arrive."

-Michael M., Sr., Construction Company Purchasing Agent/Warehouse Manager

"Sara creates a beautiful, tranquil environment for her clients that enables a deep relaxation. Tension and worry drain away beneath the gentle pressure she expertly applies. A wonderful experience."

-Emily P.

"I play the guitar for a living, and sometimes, when I have been working a lot, my hands, wrists and upper body get very sore. When this happens, a visit to Sara always fixes me right up.  She pays special attention to the affected areas, and gets me back to work, pain-free, with no need for drugs or medical procedures. Sara rocks!"

 -Lisa C., Professional Rock Star

"Sara has incredible instincts that allow her to turn a mundane massage into a healing process.  I have arthritis in my neck and sit in front of a computer every day.  I was regularly in pain, but I had gotten so used to it that I had forgotten how good I could feel until I started making it a point to see her on a consistent basis.  I have more energy and less headaches now than I've had in years.  I definitely recommend Sara to anyone interested in massage!"

-Ruth D., Computer Guru

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